Psi Beta Rho

This chapter contains resources and information specific to Psi Beta Rho. It is meant to act as a reference for members who are joining the team for the first time and contains information about the team's history, logistics, and resources. While this chapter can probably skipped by anyone who is not a member of our team, it is still publically available for anyone who is interested in learning about how we run our club and team.

What is PBR?

Psi Beta Rho (abbreviated as PBR) is cybersecurity club and UCLA's competitive CTF team. We have practices every week of the quarter (unless otherwise specified) and compete in CTFs. Our CTF schedule isn't particularly set, we kind of play this by ear, but do try to keep an open hour or two on the weekends in case we are competing.

We also run LA CTF, our own CTF competition that we write the challenges for! If you're interested in challenge writing, talk to a team captain.